Systems Integration Services

Integration of CoTS and Open Standards software

SCISYS specialises in the development and integration of software. We utilise Commercial Off-the-Shelf (CoTS) and Open Source, Open Standards software as well as Cloud-based services wherever possible to create robust, cost-effective solutions and minimising the need for bespoke software development.

It is important to find the right partner with the deep expertise and proven practices with both the technology and the delivery aspects. SCISYS offers a complete range of Systems Integration services, including:

CoTS identification and integration

Open Source, Open Standards Software

Cloud and infrastructure Services

Business collaboration tools

Business intelligence and data analytics tools

Data mart/warehouse development

Bespoke software development

SCISYS work with many suppliers such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle and Microsoft but are technology agnostic and so free to select the software components that are the best fit for the customer and ensure that Open Standards are applied as far as possible to prevent vendor lock-in.