Robotics for Inspection

Our autonomous robotic technology is specifically developed to perform in extreme environments.

Robotics for Inspection


Our autonomous robotic technology is specifically developed to perform in extreme environments. The technology was originally built to help scientists understand Mars remotely at an unprecedented level of detail through the eyes of a remote Martian rover. The technology has been adapted to enable you to perform safer, more detailed surveys with less disruption, and increased consistency. Giving you greater insight and enabling you to make smarter decisions.


Viability -- We explore your inspection requirements in detail to establish viability in the initial phase. If viable, we can then propose a quick turnaround evaluation activity.

Evaluation -- Evaluation can take place on the target site or a suitable representative area which will allow you and your team to assess the operational configuration of the inspection solution.

Deployment -- We will work with you to deliver a production level system for future inspections, featuring minimal operational support, consistent data acquisition, and change detection.

The Benefits


Total Autonomy
No longer are inspections limited by the length of a tether. Using military grade lithium polymer battery technology we can enable hours of inspection.

Advance Sensors
See your assets in greater detail. Use a combination of LIDAR, high-resolution optical cameras, ground penetrating radar, or any other sensor required.

Reduce the risk involved in sending surveyors into confined spaces.
Access hard to reach areas with total safety!
Minimise disruption to your asset by sending in robots.

Onboard AI Supercomputer
As a Nvidia 3rd party partner, we utilise its embedded AI supercomputer to perform real-time defect detection, enabling automated decision making to inspect those areas in greater detail. Repairs can then be carried out without delay!

More about Nvidia Jetson TX2 [external link]

Each project is surveyed in the very same expert way, every time.
Accurately compare, like for like, the condition of every project.
Monitor change with repeat surveys with accuracy.

More Insight
Survey more of your network.
Increase the consistency of your surveys.
Combine with smart processing to gain far greater insight into the health of your assets so you can prioritise maintenance more efficiently.

Due to the automated nature of the data capture, the service is able to scale from localised inspections to whole networks/sites with ease.


Download Autonomy and Robotics Specialised AI for Inspection & Autonomous Robotics for Data Acquisition

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