Production Software for Radio

The heart piece of any system enabling media production is an application to manage, browse and access that content – in any dira! installation, this application is called dira! Highlander. The content management system enables editorial teams to create and modify media assets and metadata as well as to search for selected data.

The new dimension of dira! is introduced by the web-based multimedia content management system dira! Medox. In addition to functions such as storing, editing and searching for media assets, the solution offers some new features like a new organisation system which enables cross-media operations even more, as well as a innovative and intuitive contributor system.

dira! Scheduler a complete solution for planning of central schedules which are open to be integrated with any third party system.

The fully featured multitrack editor dira! Startrack supports editors with audio recording and live-editing.

Reporters can send any media content from the field into the newsroom with the upload app dira! Scotty.

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