Advanced Mission Control Software

From the early Design Phase to day-to-day mission Operations

SCISYS has supported over 50 missions and has worked with all system components and associated processes for managing, monitoring, and controlling their satellites. Our company was one of the original developers of ESA‘s SCOS Mission Control System, and as such is regarded as a European leader in Monitoring and Control systems. Expertise covers

  • System Control
  • Mission Planning
  • Operations Preparation
  • Configuration Control
  • Network Management
  • Mission planning
  • Operations
  • Archive
  • Flight Dynamics
  • Performance Reporting and Analysis


SCISYS is a particular expert in the development and support of Flight Dynamics software which is used for the operations of the attitude and orbit control subsystems for a number of specific missions. Our Flight Dynamics activities cover attitude/orbit determination and manoeuvre optimisation. SCISYS has provided Flight Dynamics support to all ESA missions since 1983 including Rosetta, CryoSat-2, ENVISAT, XMM-Newton and Integral.

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