Managed Services

Keeping the lights on doesn’t need to keep you awake at night


The demands on Service Delivery Managers are greater than ever. New technologies offer new ways to deliver services and increase efficiency. Internal customers are clamouring for their systems to change. Budgets are tight. Resources are stretched. And you can’t afford to put business-critical systems at risk. How do you balance it all?

SCISYS has supported customers facing all these challenges and more. We provide managed services that:

  • Power front-line policing systems identifying at-risk individuals
  • Process billions of pounds of payments annually for a major utility company
  • monitor the health of 27,000 items of equipment in the UK’s digital broadcast network


SCISYS offers a complete range of application and system management services, including

  • Outsourced application management and support services for third-party, in-house and off-the-shelf systems
  • End-to-end service management covering infrastructure management, application support and supply chain management
  • Support for your in-house teams, working alongside your teams both co-located or virtually
  • Provision of specialist technology consultancy or individual experts to cover specific needs
  • Legacy systems modernisation, uplift and transformation support, transition to the cloud