Earth Observation Applications

Discovering valuable information and insights through innovative use of Earth Observation Applications- or Geospatial Analytics

At SCISYS we use our domain expertise to deliver unique information and insights derived from Earth Observation (EO) satellites to a variety of users across a wide range of sectors.

Using satellites to study areas on the Earth provides us with high-resolution data, regular updates, and wide-area coverage over areas we would otherwise depend solely upon local observations. Earth Observation can provide significant additional information about locations of interest to customers across multiple sectors.

SCISYS can bring together information derived from a range of sensors including radar which is capable of all-weather, day and night imaging.


Integrating our expertise in optical, spectral and radar data with machine learning and GIS, we can tailor a wide range of services and consultancy to your requirements, enabling you to add value to your processes with the remotely collected information.

Analytics & Machine Learning -- Applying traditional methods and leveraging SCISYS' experience in Machine Learning, we can solve problems of detection and perform signature analysis to provide information such as the revelation of patterns of life and to map changes.

Remote Monitoring -- Using the regularity of the EO satellite acquisitions we provide remote monitoring of infrastructure and environment to provide information about changes including ground displacement.

GIS & Geographic -- Content Management System EO derived analysis can be integrated into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to aid interpretation and add value in decision-making processes.

Data Processing & Management -- We can deliver scalable cloud-based or on-site solutions that automate the entire data download, processing, delivery, and archive cycle. In processing, we fuse information gained form the exploitation of SAR and optical data to provide the best solution.


SCISYS provide remote monitoring of infrastructure, capturing small ground displacements and contextual changes to inform decision-makers. We support planning, installation, operation and decommissioning phases. Satellite-derived data can help with network management, assisting with audit and control of complex and dispersed estates.


We are experts in high-performance automated object detection, as well as the extraction and attribution of sea surface signatures. At SCISYS we exploit large volumes of aggregated information, distilled from satellite data, to measure previously-unknown patterns of life in maritime traffic. Our approach captures the activity of smaller vessels and those without beacons.


SCISYS works with UK Central Government to develop EO-powered systems for landscape management, helping them to track a diverse range of environmental assets. Using web technologies to ingest, understand and exploit Copernicus data, we can integrate niche data sources into an automated workflow, acting as a trusted broker for data suppliers and a partner for downstream users.

Natural Resources:

We can help with an environmental audit, facility management and pattern-of-life assessment throughout the natural resources sector. Our team use a diverse range of data sources to monitor land-based infrastructure including ground displacement. We also provide contextual analysis of typical shipping activity and ice tracking for offshore rigs. In addition, we can provide independent assessments of mining activity, including change analysis and estimates of volumes extracted.

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