Digital Services

When off the shelf products can’t meet your needs, where do you turn?


The common theme for our customers is that nobody else faces their specific set of problems, so they can’t just use a one-size-fits-all solution or approach.

Our customers want a flexible, pragmatic partner and they need the peace of mind that this partner has the capacity, capability and experience to deliver services that do not fail.

We help our customers to successfully implement high-risk or innovative projects. We ensure customers can maximise the useful life of legacy systems. And we support technology-enabled business change that enhances business-critical operations.

Organisations choose SCISYS because there really isn’t anyone else who is adaptable enough to build a unique relationship with every customer, but big enough to safely deliver business-critical solutions for the BBC, UK MoD, RNLI, Defra, Welsh Government, and many more over 35 years.
Our customers trust us because we have a unique combination of deep experience, a broad breadth of skills, extremely strong delivery and risk management practices, and a culture of partnership working.

SCISYS offers a complete range of Application Development services, including:

  • Specialist software development on all major technology platforms
  • Configuration and customisation of existing solutions or off-the-shelf packages (COTS or Open Source)
  • Full project delivery lifecycle from initial feasibility and scoping through to implementation and ongoing support
  • Support for your in-house teams, working alongside your teams both co-located or virtually
  • Provision of specialist technology consultancy or individual experts to cover specific needs