Autonomy and Robotics

Specialised AI for Inspection & Autonomous Robotics for Data Acquisition


Autonomy and Robotics


We help ensure that your automated analysis provides the best level of reliability, accountability, and trust you will need.

Our technology has been built to help scientists understand Mars remotely at an unprecedented level of detail through the eyes of a remote Martian rover using our onboard and off-board autonomy and AI systems.  Reliability and robustness are critical when physical maintenance is impossible, and uncertainty is high.  Our validation and verification processes ensure that we deliver intelligent software that delivers when it matters most.

​The use of AI in place of humans is a new and exciting chapter, but there are risks and the bar for diligence and accountability is higher.  Our background established over several decades helps ensure you deliver high integrity plus accountable analysis and services to clients.



The way we inspect assets and the technology we use is changing.  Our state-of-the-art Robotics & AI technology will allow you to introduce transformative levels of workflow automation: enabling you to understand your assets quickly, comprehensively, efficiently, consistently and at unprecedented levels of detail.

Our capabilities include:

Automated Robotic Survey

Acquire highly accurate survey data with minimum manual support or disruption to your service using our autonomous robotics technology, specialised for extreme environments.

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Survey Analysis with AI

Use our specialised, state of the art deep learning tools to automatically find, label and analyse defects or features of interest in survey imagery and video of your asset in record time.

Survey Analysis with AI


Automated robotic condition assessments, digital twin building & AI for automated analysis.
Automated AI analysis of drone inspection footage, remote robotic inspections.
Robotic monitoring for extreme environments.
Upstream & downstream monitoring, digital twin building and condition assessments using robotics & AI.

Real-time infrastructure monitoring using onboard computing & AI.
Remote robotic monitoring and inspection.
Robotics for planetary exploration and AI for extra-terrestrial image processing.
Specialised AI for automating Earth Observation applications.

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