Analysis with AI

Automate Your Inspection Analysis

Automate Your Inspection Analysis


Our artificial intelligence (AI) powered software is specifically developed to automate critical infrastructure inspection.

Our AI provides you faster, more consistent, and more detailed insights enabling you to make smarter decisions.

Viability -- Bring us your data and examples of the output you require. We will then establish the viability of using our expert AI models to automate your feature detection and labelling.

Evaluation -- We set up a preliminary service instance which allows you to see how the service will work with your data and workflow, including any hands-on labelling to support tailored model training.

Deployment -- With viability established, we will then deploy a production service live for you to use. This unlocks all the benefits of extremely fast, automated workflow analysis.

How it works

Upload your footage from any inspection camera. Easily view all your inspection footage in one place.

Your customised AI inspection model analyses your data in record time. View your inspection results in an easy, secure online portal.

Automated, customisable output/ reporting to give you instant insight. Visualise your surveys in unique ways. Access from anywhere (browser based).

The Benefits

Our trusted AI and high integrity software development and validation expertise allow us to deliver services which make sure your analysis is accountable where responsibility and reputation are key.

Pre-Trained Expertise
Our models come with expertise baked-in from our previous analysis training work on a variety of applications and domains ensuring that you leverage maximum insight from our wide body of existing expertise.

One person-years of detection and labelling work delivered in one hour through automation. Imagine being able to deploy the same expert to your asset year on year and have that same expert assess multiple assets simultaneously.

Each project is surveyed in the very same expert way, every time.
Accurately compare, like for like, the condition of every project.
Monitor change with repeat surveys with accuracy.

Automate the analysis of one survey or thousands of surveys with the same great benefits. The service scales with your needs.

More Insight
Easily access inspection reports from anywhere, with our web-based interface.
Digitise more of your network, better understand the health of your assets, and prioritize maintenance more efficiently.

If you are curious to find out more about this service or have any questions, please email