The maritime mission system for sub-24m high-speed craft


Proven to enable crews to react faster to changing circumstances in challenging conditions.

Achieve your missions more effectively and with greater confidence.

“I need a ready-to-go ECS that I can use effectively in challenging conditions”

MACSYS NAVIGATOR is our off-the-shelf charting system for small craft doing big jobs. It uses official charts and can be extended to support more sophisticated goals in the future, if required.

“I’m buying, building or refitting a sophisticated craft and need a mission system that can be tailored to my very specific and demanding needs”

MACSYS COMMANDER brings together everything your crews require to carry out complex missions safely, effectively and independently.

How MACSYS helps you achieve your missions better

Proven to make your teams more effective in challenging maritime conditions, compared to the incumbent systems used by many armed forces.

MACSYS is genuinely hardware-agnostic. Choose precisely the right equipment to meet your demands.

No vendor lock-in: MACSYS integrates seamlessly with virtually any other onboard or offboard system, from your vendor of choice.

Empower your crews to view and control multiple systems, without leaving their seats.

Integrate small craft into larger capabilities, by enabling onshore teams to send tasking instructions and mission information to crews – and for crews to respond.

Save space and reduce the weight of your boat.

MACSYS SubSea Craft

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