Enhancing your mission with intelligence and autonomy through flight software add-ons that empower your satellites.

BOOST Flight Software

Space is changing before our eyes! “New Space” entrepreneurs are driving disruption and innovation at a thrilling pace. So, we applied our experience and adapted our approach so that we can help these new ventures with brand new products such as PLENITER® & BOOST.

BOOST Flight Software enhances your mission with intelligence and autonomy through flight software add-ons that empower your satellites.

INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE ONBOARD -- BOOST is a collection of flight software add-ons that enhance the onboard capabilities of your satellite, empowering your mission’s space segment hardware with intelligent and autonomous features, making it come alive as a revenue-generating asset.

HIGHER OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY, LOWER MISSION COST -- SCISYS’ BOOST applications allows your spacecraft to become a more profitable, and capable resource, maximizing its usefulness, reducing costs and future-proofing your mission for success.

Increase satellite manufacturer options

Today, the choice in satellite manufacturers is larger than ever before. BOOST keeps your options open, allowing you to procure a spacecraft that is as intelligent as your mission requires, without tying you into any specific bus, flight software or platform integrator.

The BOOST applications sit on top of an interface layer that abstracts the interactions with the satellite data-handling software services, enabling it to run on the platform of your choice, with a continuously growing list of satellite buses with which BOOST is fully compatible.

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Application Features

Downlink prioritization

With BOOST your space segment understands the importance of specific data to your customers, enabling it to intelligently optimize the data downlink for maximum value to users.

Smart satellites that are capable of autonomously discern criteria like accuracy, quality, interest to users, clarity and timeliness of collected data, can make better decisions benefiting your business and your customers.


Downlink Reduction

BOOST allows you to save on recurring ground segment costs by only downloading data that is valuable.

Not all collected data are of interest to your users. Through the integration of intelligent algorithms, BOOST lets your satellite extract features, crop unwanted pixels, compress data, and perform vectorization, differentiation and integration of data, which optimizes the use of your link budget and storage.


Onboard Autonomy

BOOST reduces the recurring operational costs of supervising your satellite. Intelligent autonomous fault or anomalous behaviour detection, beyond “switch-to-backup” FDIR, automated enhanced routine operations, and safe and easily programmable onboard nominal and recovery procedures, allow you to minimize your operational team’s workload and size.


Intelligent Tasking

Increase the value of your mission by allowing your satellite intelligently self-task to make the best use of spare capacity and resources.
With BOOST, your fleet can optimize planned tasks to reduce overuse of resources, perform speculative tasking for timely delivery of data soon-to-be of value, and reactively self-task to respond to immediate events.


End-to-end Space Solutions

BOOST has full plug-and-play interoperability and support with our Mission Control System product, PLENITER® and simulation solutions.
Together they minimize the integration costs of your ground segment with full end-to-end solutions that cover your mission needs from design to service provision and operations.


Onboard Security

Protect your business and mission with worry-free, secure satellites and onboard software-based encryption. BOOST protects your business investment and your customers’ data with secure partitioning of storage and processing resources, hardened penetration-tested software, multi-layered crypto and key management protocols, and programmable cyber-active countermeasure procedures.


Onboard SCM

Keep your satellites performing to the best of the latest technologies and algorithms, with safe and reliable upgradable software in-orbit.
BOOST provides reliable onboard intelligent software configuration management, ensuring your satellite is always flying with the latest working version and minimizing time off-service with features such as partial patching.


Platform Independence

BOOST is agnostic to your choice of flight software. This enables you to cost-effectively upgrade your satellite to the latest designs and technologies, without software redevelopment.

BOOST is a long-term use, sustainable solution that protects your mission and business from the risks of vendor lock-in and obsolescence, and de-risks interoperability and rapid integration with legacy and third-party systems.

Download BOOST Enhancing your mission with intelligence and autonomy through flight software add-ons that empower your satellites.

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