2met! turnkey solutions

Advanced Meteorological Systems and Solutions

Advanced Meteorological Systems and Solutions


Based on our long experience in developing professional products and components for Earth Observation systems, we have started the 2met!® product line being a synonym for the “Second Generation” of meteorological products, systems and solutions.

The 2met!® portfolio includes satellite receiving hardware components as well as value-adding SW applications within the Earth Observation and Remote Sensing areas.

2met!® is a multi-mission concept for real-time data acquisition, processing, visualisation and distribution of meteorological satellite data. It is a commercial off-the-shelf solution, based on standard hardware and software. 2met!® supports a variety of remote sensing satellites such as METEOSAT, MSG, GOES, NOAA, METOP, FengYun, TERRA/AQUA, Suomi NPP and upcoming JPSS as well as telemetry standards in line with the CCSDS recommendation.

In addition, 2met!® also facilitates the GEONETCast missions like EUMETCast and HimawariCast, operating in Ku-band and C-band by means of commercial satellites. Our turnkey solutions are ready for DVB-S and DVB-S2 missions.

Multi-Mission ready - 2met!® supports all common

From a single source - Complete turnkey systems

Proven in daily life - More than 70 weather services worldwide rely on 2met!®

Expert Knowledge - 30 years of experience as a reliable partner

Maintenance and Services

Customers from all over the world rely on 2met®! Products and Services. In more than 30 long-standing maintenance contracts we offer different service levels like ad-hoc support or preventive and standard maintenance.

SCISYS has a long history of developing and maintaining real-time user-critical systems. We build and maintain robust, reliable systems to support vital operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SCISYS contributes consultancy and system studies, subsystem engineering and prime contractor services for satellite ground segment facilities and user stations. The SCISYS Services and Maintenance offering enfolds:

Engineering Support - Requirements specification, systems engineering, advanced engineering analyses, system installation and integration, testing (AIV support)

System integration expertise - Dealing with turn-key integration services, satellite ground stations, control centers and complex LAN/WAN networks

Consultancy - System and feasibility studies as well as technical concepts for end-to-end communication solutions

Training - Operator, System Administrator and User Training (On-site or in our in-house training facilities)

Document downloads

Download 2met!® HimawariCast (pdf)
Download 2met!® EUMETCast / GEONETCast DVB User Station
Download 2met!® Image Display and Analysis Software Vision+