Smart Camera Automatisation for Radio

Visualise your radio!


Viura is a software tool for intelligent camera control in the radio studios for editors and presenters. The solution works manufacturer-independent from playout and editorial software on basis of video hardware from Blackmagic and our control software. This means that all components can be completed with dira! solutions as well as with third-party solutions for playout and production.

By microphone level detection, fader starts or by key action the software automatically switches to the corresponding configured camera in the studio. Packaging elements, such as lower thirds or broadcast logos, are generated automatically and can also be displayed automatically or by pressing a button. Additional overlays, images or video sequences can be imported from third-party software.

The entire workflow can be controlled via mixing consoles that speak the Ember+ protocol. We also offer a web interface for operation that can be used independently of the mixing console.

In addition, our solution offers the option of recording video material automatically or at the touch of a button.

Viura Features

Automatic operations: No additional studio staff required

Event-controlled camera changes (e.g. by microphone input level, fader starts, etc.)

Individual logos and texts can be displayed

Automatic background recording

Integrated touch interface

Workflow can be implemented with any mixing console using Ember+



  Preparation of broadcast-related templates via a web interface

  Configuration of cameras to be used, transitions, cuts and branding depending on broadcast type

  Easy selection of the required template via the studio console (cameras, transitions, cuts, branding)

  Intelligent camera selection through mixer events such as level detection, fader start or key operation

  Video playout for audio contributions (e.g. music videos or own productions)

   Optional display of cover images or text information

  Display of Now / Next Playing-Information

  Parallel video recording for archiving and further use via social media, etc.

  Recording of video sum, clean feed and individual camera signals possible

Required Hardware

  • Blackmagic ATEM Vision Mixer
  • Cameras with SDI Output
  • Ember+ capable Audio Mixer (e.g. LAWO or DHD)
  • Video Encoder for Recording (e.g. AJA Helo)
  • Standard PC for the SCISYS Control Software


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