NewsBoard provides a modern and unified web-based user interface for journalists and editorial teams. The dashboard solution helps to organise the story production process, from ideas to distribution.


With metadata-driven workflows at its core, NewsBoard can fit teams from a few individuals to thousands of journalists. With a customisable and open widget architecture, NewsBoard will help your newsroom keep up with continuous workflow changes and challenges for the years to come.



The full web-based interface relies on a proven architecture that can handle up to hundreds of concurrent users.


NewsBoard helps to organise the story production process, from ideas to distribution:

  • Research through Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms, agencies, RSS, events or raw material via personalised boards build from a large palette of widgets.
  • Pitch your story ideas with configurable forms: Who? What? When? Where?
  • Plan for the various formats and outputs to tell your stories: Mobile, Web, TV, Radio.
  • Assign stories, tasks, and deployments to reporters, editors, cameras, OB Vans, and track those resources on a map.

NewsBoard Features

With Personal, Team and Public boards, users find and organise all the data of the newsroom under a modern look and feel, including agency wires, stories, social media, but also audio/video content from your CMS, PAM or MAM, making it the perfect journalist portal!

Discover trending topics on social platforms real-time feeds from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and start planning from there.

Stories can be pitched, evaluated and shared between multiple journalists, teams or output channels. Editors and reporters collaborate, chat and gather their findings and developments so that everyone stays up to date.

Assignment editors and producers plan for output products, for online, mobile, TV, and radio, as well as plan resources for shooting, craft edit, guest booking, graphics, lives shots or ingest requests.

NewsBoard can be installed on-premise or it the cloud.

NewsBoard can be integrated with Active Directory, CMS, MAM, MOS devices, resource scheduling systems, rundown management systems, graphics, etc.