Our flagship Newsroom Computer System, OpenMedia Infinity, provides maximum speed and scalability for handling complex workflows in broadcast news production – from wire search, scripting, and rundown management through to playout control.

OpenMedia Infinity is by design infinitely scalable, with a modern Microsoft-based client-server architecture that delivers a robust and stable performance. While thousands of simultaneous users can be connected to a single server, we also support the latest cluster- and virtual-IT environments. Highly configurable, the system can be adapted to meet a multitude of workflows all in parallel.

OpenMedia Infinity is fully compliant with the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol, while the OpenMedia Interface Service (OMIS) framework enables the integration of third-party systems, including video-production systems, automation and studio devices.

For journalists out in the field, maximum mobility and flexibility are ensured with our United and AnyPlace plugins.

OpenMedia Infinity Features

Comprehensive scalability - Our solution can be adapted to any company size.

Adaptability - OpenMedia Infinity offers a wide range of customisation options including an adaptable user interface.

Instant availability - Despite offering a range of complex workflows, OpenMedia INFINITY delivers at maximum speed.

Supports anachronistical workflows - As media companies are increasingly moving away from a linear way of working, INFINITY is built to support cluster- and virtual IT environments.

Flexible workflows - OpenMedia INFINITY can deliver the specific workflow you need in your newsroom.

Integration of third-party solutions - Our specifically developed OMIS framework guarantees the smooth integration of all your third-party systems.