Ready-to-go Newsroom Computer System for TV and Digital Media

OpenMedia NOW is a cost-effective package consisting of a preconfigured newsroom computer system for TV and digital/online media combined with a set of professional services directly from the vendor. The OpenMedia NOW toolset fully complies with the requirements of rapidly changing news industry. It allows for fast and powerful researching across multiple sources like classic news wires, RSS feeds, social media posts or third-party systems. It provides teams with a powerful story-centric planning and collaboration tool, allowing users to contribute even on the go.

Workflow Coverage

OpenMedia NOW covers not only the traditional television workflow meaning script editing, rundown management and MOS integration with third-party production, graphics or teleprompting systems. The same software interface also includes the tools to publish stories to Twitter, Facebook or company’s own web CMS system, making the digital/online and television worlds perfectly transparent to each other.

Experience that pays off

The off-the-shelf OpenMedia NOW product incorporates all of our expertise gained from 30 years of experience in news, as well as best practises from our multiple customers in Europe and the USA, and is quick and easy to deploy.

OpenMedia NOW Features

Preconfigured & easy to start

Cost-effective package

Newswires and RSS feeds import

Researching and posting on Social Media

Unique story-centric workflow

News planning and collaboration

Story scripting and rundown management

Selected interfaces included