The Essential Craft Audio Editor

While many editing tasks in daily broadcasting business are simple cuts, trims and volume changes quickly and easily accomplished with a single-track editor, every program contains some items that need a more powerful yet easy to use tool for fully featured editing work. The solution to this dilemma is called dira! Startrack, a craft-level multi-track editor fully
integrated into the dira! production environment.

Easy to Use

Once the first items have been placed on the timeline, the user is able to quickly modify them using a combination of keyboard and mouse or even hardware controller operations. dira! Startrack displays the envelopes of each individual item as it contributes to the final mixdown for easy visual representation and relative positioning of the clips.

Integration, Plugins and Live Editing

Editing in dira! Startrack often begins with selecting the source material from within dira! Highlander. From there, a single click adds the material to the Startrack takeboard, a collection of items loaded into the editor and available for use in the project. These items can be dragged into any of the tracks. Adding audio from local files and direct recording to any track is of course also possible.

Effects are provided in dira! Startrack by the use of standard VST plugins. Each of such plugins can be applied to a single track or the entire mixdown. Besides the huge range of commercially available plugins, Startrack comes with a selection of commonly needed plugins including graphic and parametric equalizer, dynamic control and master mixer.

Playback of the current edit can be obtained at any time, without rendering delays. Changes made to the mix are instantly audible to enable fast and easy workflows. Rendering is only necessary when saving a mixdown to the database or a local file.

dira! Startrack features

On-the-fly audio recording

Live editing on up to 16 tracks

VST-Plugin integration

Loudness compliant production

Fully featured multitrack editing

Stand-alone mode possible