Upload System for Mobile Reporting

For reporters sending media content from the field into the newsroom is often cumbersome: Emails are not suitable for big files, web portals don’t work well on mobile devices, and sometimes it is impossible to access recordings stored in certain apps.

With dira! Scotty, the upload system for mobile reporting, reporters can quickly and conveniently transfer any multimedia file from their smartphone or computer into their production and playout system.

Cross-Media Workflows

Photos, videos, PDFs and more – all types of files can be combined in a box, and they stay together. They are transferred and saved in the production system as combined objects.
Extensive metadata such as keywords, IPR information and comments can be added and transferred for each media file as well as for the box.

Mobile Reporting

dira! Scotty satisfies the needs of field reporters and editors for a powerful and easy way to transfer content: Files can be uploaded on a computer via a web browser or on a smartphone via a special app. The reporters receive feedback about each import. In a web browser, dira! Scotty automatically adjusts to the screen size and thus provides the optimum view and usability on each device.

The backend system, which manages the transfers from the smartphone to the content management system and controls the uploads, is designed to be operated either on the premises or in the cloud at the customer’s discretion. Encrypted communication paths and passwords ensure security and privacy.

dira! Scotty seamlessly fits into a dira! system as a mobile reporting solution, but it is as well possible to easily integrate it with other production systems.

dira! Scotty features

Upload via intuitive app

Upload via responsive web page

Audio, video, pictures, PDF etc. stay all together in a box

Several destinations

Feedback about every import

For iOs and Android