The Radio Scheduling Tool

It is a complete solution for planning of central schedules which are open to be integrated with any 3rd party system (like music scheduling, newsroom systems or lang term planning systems). lt provides a fully embedded search function for quick and easy navigation within your schedules.

Integrated Modules

Of course, the integration of powerful modules like the cross fade editor is just as well part of the new scheduling suite. All standard features of a professional scheduling system, from the capa-bility to manage overruns and underruns to functions for automatically validating a schedule against rules and restrictions, are a part of the dira! Scheduling Suite.


The workflow for scheduling has been streamlined down to two levels – templates & broadcast plans.

A template plan is used to be materialized for planning a seg­ment of a broadcast. This sets all time stamps, programme slots and elements included in the template to the cor­rect position in the broadcast.

Materialization can be done highly flexible. Once materiali­zed, the schedule can be filled, approved for broadcasting and run on an on-air workstation. Besides broadcast schedules, dira! Scheduler continues to

support production schedules; these can also be created by materializing a template or from scratch.

The dira! Scheduler uses programme slots & programme elements to segment and manage the schedules. Programme slots are parts of a day’s programming and represent an absolute duration of time, with a fixed start and finish. They can be nested to multiple levels to create a hierarchical structure as desired. Basic metadata can be attached directly to a programme slot or a take.

dira! Scheduler features

Quick and easy to understand

Drag-and-drop function

Print schedules or schedule sections

Cross-fade editor

Detailed right management systems

Adding multimedia events (eg. websites) to a slot