Playout and Automation Software for Modern Studio Workflows

In a fast-moving environment like a broadcasting studio every click matters and flexibility is essential. Adding an audio or a live feed to a schedule, creating a mix between upcoming songs or editing a text – the dira! Onair Player is optimised for such self-operated studio workflows.

One Application – All Workflows

Advanced planned broadcast schedules, quick rundowns as a stack of placeholders, e.g as a list of music requests, or a news items run over the jingle hotkeys. Use dira! Onair Player anyway you want!

The interface is intuitive, modular, highly con-figurable, available in dark and bright colour scheme and supports many possible layouts.

Make Life Easier 

dira! Onair Player is created to make life in the studio as easy as possible. Therefore, its main goal is to shorten your everyday workflows: to find a song you don’t need to switch into your database application but simply do a quick full-text search in the integrated content brow­ser, which is linked to the database. Then just add the song to the schedule via drag & drop. Changes such as this will be applied to the schedule lying behind it by bi-directional updates also to your newsroom system.

To edit a script there is no need to switch applications either. Just open the text display to view or edit a text. Also, dira! Onair Player includes its own segue editor. lt enables you to cue, crossfade and, if you like, create and automatically played mix with transitions and drop­ins. In addition, we added a fast one-click recording functionality, the voicetrack recorder, for preproduction or live recordings.

There are also many great features built into the new Onair Player version 2.0:

  • The sampler view enables the user to search, filter and playout jingles more spontaneously than ever before. Shortening audios was made even more efficient with the dedicated cue player.
  • You need more time for your ramp-talk? No problem! With our new loop feature you can extend the intro of your music item without hassle.
  • And time scaling on-the-fly helps you to get a perfect backtiming.
  • The connectivity with other systems has also new options. The Onair API gives you access to the playout data for creating your own applications. The integrated HTML views even allow display and operate your mixing console directly from Onair Player. 

dira! Onair Player Features

Assisted and automatic playout operation

Build-in crossfade editor and voicetrack editor

Time scaling and loops on-the-fly

Network independent emergency operation with local cache

Newsroom system integration with bi-directional MOS protocol

Onair API and web views for flexible integrations