Multimedia Content Management

The audio lies in the database, texts are saved somewhere, pictures and videos are buried in folders – that is everyday life for media enterprises working with multimedia content. dira! Medox supports all media types: audio, video, image and texts can be stored in one place and can be found in the blink of an eye.

dira! Medox – Multimedia-Talent

Besides storing all your media assets, dira! Medox also brings the trusted dira! database functionalities to another level. That includes prelistening to audio, viewing pictures and video and accessing the metadata directly in the interface.
Furthermore, you’re able to edit audio, video, pictures and documents with integrated editing tools.

New Challenges, New Organisation

With the upcoming of multimedia radio databases that used to be a place to store audio are a play­ground for more types of media and all sorts of cross media combinations. dira! Medox accom­plishes this challenge with a new organisation sys­tem that allows all of those combinations. Videos or pictures can appear as main items now and stories can contain multimedia content.

The new web-based single-track audio editor allows journalists to work on the go and on platforms which haven’t been supported before.

Another novelty is the contributor system – a new intuitive catalogue for persons, groups, and organi­sations that reduces multiple entries and supports multimedia workflows like visual illustration of audio content (for DAB+, internet etc.).

These innovations are the foundation our new combined full-text search lies upon. With multimedia items and the new persona model, it is easier to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, with a variety of filter options, a more detailed search is now possible.

dira! Medox Features

Access via web browser, desktop and tablet

Edit and create audio, video, pictures and documents

Intuitive full text search

Contributor-management to reduce multiple entries

Transcode multimedia content

Transparent control of internal technical processes