The Media Production Command Centre

lt is a single interface from which to control and access most of the functions needed in media production. First and foremost, it is your window to the dira! Archserv data structure.

The structure combines the power of a relational database with the ease of use and intuitive operation of a browse tree resembling the folder structure of desktop file management.

Look and Feel

Browsing the freely configurable folders is, however, only one way to locate content – the other is a systemwide search. Using a comfortable & detailed search form, the user can define a large number of criteria by which to narrow down content.

Editing Applications

Previewing & prelistening media content is available either from the take data card or direc­tly from the displayed result lists. dira! Highlander will automatically load the correct player for presenting the content.

All integrated editing applications fully keep track of the items opened and allow for saving back the work into the dira! database without ever having to expert media data to the local desktop. Scheduling items for on-air use is done by dragging & dropping them into the bro­adcast plan, in case of a last second change, even right into the loaded and active broadcast plan of dira! Onair Control.

A special feature of dira! Highlander is cal­led Multisite. This enhancement serves as research tool and enables users to access remote dira! systems from their own High­lander application. In dependence of the users’ access rights, it is possible to copy items between two or more dira! equipped radio stations in order to use these items in own broadcasts or to edit the audio material for further use.

lt is this nearly limitless adaptability that ultimately turns dira! Highlander into a flexi­ble and powerful yet easy to use command centre for any kind of media production. Yet, it just as seamlessly works as a plug­in application itself – an invaluable feature in news production, where it is possible to run dira! Highlander and all its supporting applications from the newsroom computer system, giving the news editor the complete power of content creation, access and re­use right within his primary workspace and even allowing for media items to directly be inserted into the developing story – of course again with drag-and-drop operation.

dira! Highlander Features

Audio export and import

Rights management

Individual filter and intelligent full text search

Specific deletion times for individual folders

Freely customisable

Supports multimedia items