The One-Touch Playout Solution

The dira! Cartplayer is an easy to learn, intuitive to use and powerful command centre for any flexible radio broadcasting format. At its heart is the operator’s touch-screen presenting a total of up to 49 audio items at a time, ready for single-touch playout.
Just a few touches further away are additional screen pages, selectable banks and private and public “sets”.

Instant, Standard, Stack: Different Modes

In the instant mode each matrix button becomes a “play this now” command, directly putting the associated item on air. In standard mode all channels can be combined freely, and it is possible to play audio on all four channels simultaneously. In stack mode each of the four faders is assigned a playout stack on which multiple items can be placed to form a simple rundown list.

Simple to Expand

dira! Cartplayer runs on a single Windows-based server platform and works with every multi-channel sound card. On air operation of the product is done using only the touch screen, thus minimizing the required studio footprint.

The Cartplayer makes not only a valuable standa­lone solution for many self-operated formats or smaller radio operations but also combines weil with the dira! Onair Control and dira! Onair Player package for high-reliability playout automation.

dira! Cartplayer enhances the ease, flexibility and power of any broadcast operation:

  • As a standalone system
  • Supporting a full automation
  • In a larger context of a multi-person broadcasting operation
  • As a self-operated one-person studio
  • Running predetermined stacks
  • As an instant jingle machine

dira! Cartplayer Features

Touch operation

Full drag and drop

Add items to multiple pages

Prefade listening even during playout

Countdown timer and progress bar

Loading of predefined presets