Far from being over, the digital revolution in broadcasting has just entered its second phase. Where the first phase was characterized by the core material flow, the second phase is dominated by the transition to a unified working environment where users can, regardless of the original vendor of technology, access all needed applications in one place.

The core processes of media management, content creation and playout are the domain of the dira! product line. Originally derived from “digital radio”, dira! today means much more than radio solutions. It is a direct, intelligent, reliable and adaptable suite of television, radio, newsroom and new media production and playout applications supporting the core workflows that any broadcaster needs covered by a proven digital system.



dira! suite

The dira! product family covers the entire production workflow required for media management in radio journalism: From broadcast production and the exchange of material and programs, through broadcast scheduling, to actual onair playout, post production and archiving.

dira! Onair Player
dira! Cartplayer
dira! Medox
dira! Scotty
dira! Startrack
dira! Highlander
dira! Scheduler