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News, Research and Planning

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The innovative newsroom system OpenMedia is already in use worldwide as a standard tool for cross-media research, planning and creation of daily news, magazines, and sports publications. With an initial service packages, the cost-effective starter-kit newsroom solution OpenMedia Now fits most standard workflow requests.


Radio Production and Playout

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dira! Onair Player is our playout and automation software for modern studio workflows. dira! Cartplayer is an easy to learn and intuitive to use one touch playout solution for any flexible radio broadcasting format.

dira! Medox is our upcoming cloud-based multimedia content management solution. Reporters can send any media content from the field into the newsroom with the upload app dira! Scotty.
The fully featured multitrack editor dira! Startrack supports editors with audio recording and live-editing. The heart piece of any system enabling media production is an application to manage, browse and access that content – in any dira! installation, this application is called dira! Highlander.
dira! Scheduler a complete solution for planning of central schedules which are open to be integrated with any third party system.
Visualise your radio with our smart camera automatisation tool Viura by microphone level detection, fader starts or key operation.





SCISYS Media Solutions was founded by merging Annova Systems and SCISYS Media & Broadcast to one combined company. As TV meets Radio and merges with online and social, SCISYS Media Solutions is now positioned at the heart of solving challenges of modern broadcasters and radio stations.

Based in Munich and Dortmund, we stand for premium solutions for professional radio workflows and media management, as well as offer the leading platform for newsroom and planning systems.

We work closely with our customers to provide them with tailormade solutions that meet their requirements.

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