Case Study: Tagesschau


The “Tagesthema” (issue of the day) broadcast remains one of the fixed points of the viewing day for much of the German TV audience, although thanks to on-demand offerings, such as the app, nowadays there is more choice about when and where to watch.



The most important element in the modular “building block” concept was the editorial system OpenMedia from SCISYS Media Solutions. Each building block represents a group of standardised workflows, which have been created in OpenMedia and can be used like intelligent building.



These “building blocks” contain the interlinked templates, commands, directions and metadata, such as camera positions and graphics. The design of the building-block construction is so smart that it is possible to copy a block – with its content – and paste it into another.



+ Individual Brick Concept Solution
+ High Acceptance by the newsroom & production staff
+ Multicasting
+ Highly flexible workflow
+ Third-Party Integrations
+ OpenMedia STUDIO DIRECTOR with endless possibilities


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" At the end of the day, our task was to enable fast, intuitive working in a homogeneous environment by developing tools and workflows for all the different technology areas. Using Active-X plug-ins we can integrate not only clips but also inserts, background graphics, and even media wall graphics into OpenMedia. -- Wolfgang Kuhlmann, Tagesschau "

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