Case Study: Severn Trent Water



Elan Valley aqueduct is a key asset for Severn Trent Water, carrying drinking water to the city of Birmingham.

Severn Trent wanted to evaluate autonomous robotic technology to better survey its assets.  It employed SCISYS to autonomously survey a section of the aqueduct using its robotic technology developed for the space industry.

Autonomous Survey

SCISYS deployed its fully autonomous rover, equipped with LIDAR, high-resolution cameras and powerful onboard autonomy and processing to navigate and inspect the tunnel.


Post-processing of the captured data included ortho-rectification and creation of a three-dimension digital twin of the tunnel.

This could be navigated on a phone, tablet, PC or through virtual reality, and enabled the user to take a measurement of any defect, or area of interest.

Change Detection

Using an autonomous rover enabled Severn Trent to capture its tunnel in a very thorough and systematic way, with high accuracy.

Repeating this survey at a later date would enable Severn Trent to perform accurate change detection and closely monitor the deterioration of the Elan Valley Aqueduct.


Severn Trent Water was able to increase the consistency and detail of its survey of the Elan Valley Aqueduct.

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