SCISYS endeavours to conduct its business in an ethical manner taking account of its impact economically, socially and environmentally.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy comprises a collection of established policies and practices within the business; the following sections give a brief overview of the applicable policies.



SCISYS maintains high standards of integrity and is honest and fair in its dealings. The company does not permit nor tolerate engagement in bribery or other forms of corruption.



In our dealings with customers we aim to provide an increasing level of satisfaction and trust in the business. Our objective is to serve our customers with a relationship built on trust, integrity and friendliness. We aim to be responsive and to deliver software and consultancy services that are judged by our customers to exceed their expectations for quality and value for money.



We will carry out business honestly, ethically and with respect for the rights of our suppliers. We will endeavour to settle bills in accordance with the contractual specifications and will cooperate with our suppliers to ensure they are represented fairly to our customers. Our suppliers are subjected to integrity checks.



We recognise that SCISYS’ employees are our main asset. Therefore, we aim to maximise their potential and enable them to achieve high levels of satisfaction and motivation. We aim to empower them through a culture of shared values, trust and participation.

Examples of measures taken include;

  • Provision of competitive salary and benefits packages including Private Health Care, Permanent Health Insurance and enhanced holiday and sick pay entitlements
  • Participation in schemes such as Childcare vouchers and Cycle2Work
  • Provision of an Employee Assistance Programme
  • Promotion of health issues where possible e.g. use of fitness room, facilities for cyclists, and choices of café/refreshment provisions
  • Retained Occupational Health services
  • Provision of a Sports and Social club


SCISYS seeks to develop its staff in a way that helps employees realise their full potential whilst also meeting the company’s business needs. Training needs are established at company, project, customer and individual levels and training is available in technical and management skills as well as for personal and developmental skills.

A range of training resources is accessible and includes self-paced training materials as well as a library of books and journals. Study support is also available via assistance with course fees or time off for study or exams. The extent of the support is determined by the direct relevance and business benefit to the company.


It is SCISYS’ policy to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and methods of work for all employees and contractors and to provide such information, training and supervision as necessary for this purpose. SCISYS views Health and Safety as an important part of overall management responsibilities, alongside those associated with the provision and quality of products and services, compliance and other legislative requirements.

SCISYS is fully committed to meeting its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and associated legislation. To achieve these objectives SCISYS has appointed designated members of staff to be responsible for managing company health and safety in order to continually review health, safety and welfare in the workplace as well as new legislation in order to ensure ongoing compliance with the law.


We respect that our staff are all individuals who bring different types of expertise to our organisation. We value their differing backgrounds and experiences and see it as a key attribute of our organisation.

We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race, nationality or ethnic background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or age. Our Equality and Diversity Policy is widely accessible to all and is designed to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and equitably and to provide a working environment free from intimidation, harassment, discrimination, victimisation or any other work behaviour which could adversely affect individuals’ personal lives or work performance. The policy applies to recruitment, training, career progression, pay and every other aspect of employment.

Our management ethos is based on trust and personal responsibility. We ensure our systems are fair and consistent and accessible to all staff.

We respect an individual’s right to privacy with all confidential information being subject to stringent controls and security within the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

We welcome and encourage the views of our staff and provide a wide range of communication channels to enable individuals to voice their opinions, offer feedback and share knowledge.



SCISYS recognises its responsibilities to the local community and the wider environment in its sustainability and environmental policies.

At SCISYS we believe that a sustainable business is dependent on a sound economic footing, social equity and a healthy natural environment. We do not see these goals as mutually exclusive, but inextricably linked.

As business leaders we are committed to developing sustainable business practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the welfare of future generations. We pledge to develop strategies that enable us to move toward sustainability whilst growing the business for our shareholders, customers and staff.

SCISYS is committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation at local, regional and national levels as a minimum requirement and aims to improve sustainability and environmental performance through appropriate local initiatives, controls, provision of resources and training of employees. The aim is to minimise the impacts of SCISYS activities, products and services.

All SCISYS subsidiaries are accredited to the International Standard ISO14001:2015 and enforce their local Environmental Management Systems (EMS) on all activities undertaken within them.

The environmental and sustainability aims (objectives) of SCISYS are listed below and these aims are adopted by the environmental policies of each local subsidiary:

  1. Reducing our Carbon Footprint by minimising energy consumption and travel
  2. Prevention of pollution
  3. Effective and responsible waste management and disposal
  4. Promoting reuse and recycling of products
  5. Maintaining a high level of awareness of sustainability and environmental issues in the workforce
  6. Involving suppliers, contractors and customers in sustainability and environmental initiatives

The progress towards these aims is reported annually in the AR&A. Any PLC Group activities (i.e. those activities that are not carried out wholly within a subsidiary) conform to the UK EMS.

UK Certifications

German Certifications


SCISYS is aware of the importance of building strong relationships with local schools and colleges and participates in many work experience programmes for IT and other general business disciplines. Members of staff are encouraged to participate in local education initiatives e.g. Science Week.

SCISYS also has a charity budget which is set aside to support local charities and to match employee contributions for larger, national fundraising events. Fundraising activities within the working day are encouraged and supported, often in conjunction with national events.



SCISYS uses open source software internally and in many of its solutions and recognises the benefits this brings to the company and its customers. SCISYS is committed to supporting the open source community where possible, making any enhancements to this software available for use by the whole community.



SCISYS is committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its own information as well as any customer information whilst under its temporary custodianship. As part of this commitment, SCISYS is certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems by the British Standards Institution.  Appropriate security arrangements are made whenever handling sensitive data regardless of its ownership.


Welcome to the first SCISYS Gender Pay Gap Report.

As a business we recognise how important diversity and inclusion are within the workplace. People are our business and it is essential to ensure equality of pay and opportunity to all within an inclusive and supportive environment. We continue to make SCISYS a great place to work where everyone’s contribution is valued.

We recognise that there remains a shortage of women in the IT industry for historical reasons. This is mirrored in our predominantly male workforce although this is slowly changing as more women elect to move into the STEM subjects and then into the IT industry.

Typically, as seniority in technical positions is achieved through experience, we recognise that we currently have mainly men in these roles and therefore have an imbalance. We do have a significant number of women in general office administration i.e. lower paid non-IT roles.

These two factors contribute to skewing the statistics and consequently we currently have a significant gender pay gap. Nevertheless we are committed to diversity and will strive to do what we can in terms of attracting and retaining women into the industry whilst implementing measures to close our own gender pay gap.

As detailed later in the report you will see that we already have a series of initiatives underway.

SCISYS Group PLC Gender Pay Gap Report 04/2019 [PDF]